University Courses

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Brewing and Distilling. IT Carlow. Postgraduate Certificate in Brewing & Distilling. TU Dublin. Brewing and Distilling Science. Munster Technology University. Browse a number of Wine Sciences (Master and Doctorate). University of Bordeaux. MSc Vineyard & Winery Management. Bordeaux Sciences Argo. Institute for Higher Education in Vine and Wine (IHEV). l’Institut…

Wine Scholar Guild

Online learning can be a fantastic way to learn a new topic at your own pace. If you cannot commit to in person classes, online learning allows you to ‘learn on the go’ from a laptop or smart phone. One such online learning platforms is the Wine Scholar Guild. The WSG offers certified programmes specialising…

Champagne MOOC

Become a Champagne expert from the comfort of your couch. The Comité interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne , also known as the Comité Champagne, have created an online course for Champagne enthusiasts to expand their knowledge of this iconic drink, called the Champagne MOOC. The Classic Version is free and covers the Champagne making process, the Champagne terroir,…


Want to learn at your own pace or on the go? Typsy is an online platform specialising in hospitality training and courses. There’s over 1000 videos covering topics from beverages, management , business and more. General access is free and allows you to take courses on a broad range of beverages. Brush up your knowledge…

School of Port

Want to learn more about the fortified wine Port? Click here for free educational resources.

Rioja Wine Academy

As one of Spain’s most famed wine regions Rioja has so much to offer. If you want to learn about this fascinating region click here.

California Calling

Wine Institute, California Wine’s advocacy organisation has kindly given free access to their online learning platform for Wine Spirit Women members