Wine Spirit Women X Whiplash Beer Tasting

Here at Wine Spirit Women we are rolling into 2023 in style, already bringing you our second event of the year.

The gorgeous people at Whiplash Beer, namely Leah Kilcullen (if you don’t know Leah you can get to know her drinks journey in our Q&A), reached out and kindly invited us for a WSW beer tasting at their Brewery in Dublin!

The brewery is located in Cherry Orchard Industrial Estate, which is easily accessible from Dublin city centre through a number of bus routes. The best way to find the most direct way for you is to use Google Maps – we’ve linked to a few different route options here.

Please Note: For the tasting we will be in a working brewery, so please wear comfortable footwear (closed toe shoes advised), and wrap up nice and warm. The tasting will take place on 27th March at 18.00.

Reserve your space here

About Whiplash

Founded in 2016, Whiplash started as a weekend project for Alex Lawes & Alan Wolfe, both already working busy jobs in the beer industry. The idea for Whiplash came about when they wanted to slow things down a little and make some one-off beers on the side for fun.

Things quickly got out of hand with the specials selling out which led to Alex & Alan going full time with Whiplash, contract brewing the beers around Ireland and Europe – wherever they could get the tank space.

With increasing demand, Whiplash commissioned their own custom designed brewery in Dublin. Now with their team of 14 have, the brewery has put out over 100 different beers, with styles ranging from modern double IPAs and hazy pales to traditional dark lagers, stouts and porters.

Alongside monthly specials, Whiplash brews a range of year-round beers featuring Body Riddle Pale Ale, Rollover Session IPA, Blue Ghosts Pils and Bone Machine IPA.