Sinéad Smyth

Sinéad Smyth


Dublin native Sinéad holds a BA in Culinary Arts from TUD and an MSc in Insight and Innovation from DCU, where she was a part of Bord Bia’s talent programme. Sinéad was awarded a scholarship to attend MAD in Copenhagen, where she completed a course in Environment and Sustainability. MAD is a school set up by Noma founder René Redzepi to train hospitality professionals.

Her background in food writing has allowed her to meet and work with some of Ireland’s best chefs, producers and professionals.

After embarking on her WSET she realised her passion for all things wine and currently works as a freelance consultant for the wine industry. Her favourite thing about working in wine is the people she has met and the network of inspiring women she now calls friends (her love of Pinot Noir is a close second). Currently she works as a freelance wine consultant and is studying for her WSET 3.

You can keep up to date with Sinéad here.

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