Meet Radici Wines – Corporate Sponsor

Wine Spirit Women has undergone some positive changes recently, one of those being our new corporate membership opportunities. This gives companies the chance to collaborate with Wine Spirit Women and gain access to a group of passionate and like minded individuals with strong connections in the drinks trade.

Wine Spirit Women are delighted to officially welcome our first corporate sponsor Radici Wines. We thought this was a good opportunity for you to get to know about the woman behind Radici, Veronica Falcone and her wine business.

A message from Veronica

“My name is Veronica Falcone and I deal with Communication in the Food and Wine sector.

I worked as a Food and Wine Journalist in Italy, and this is what brought me closer to the world of Wine. In particular, I had the opportunity to get to know the small wineries of my area of origin, the Lazio Region. 

Their work inspired me and so I started thinking about an effective way to support them, how to exploit the powerful tool of communication in order to spread their values and tell their products. 

At first I started with the work of Journalist, in fact, but among my ideas already there was the Radici (Radici in English means roots) project, which begins to take shape during the first lockdown due the pandemic (Yes, I had a lot of time to think about it and fine-tune the details, until it becomes what it is today!).

After my degree, the winning of a bursary for a Master program in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency in Global Marketing, Communication and Made in Italy, was fundamental because it helped me to have a global vision of the thing, starting to think of Radici as a product for the promotion of Italian Wine abroad. 

Finally in November 2021 life took me back to Ireland (the first time I lived in Dublin in 2019 for a short six-month experience) where I gave the final imprint to the project, deciding to dedicate it to the promotion of indigenous varieties and less known areas of Italy.”

About Radici Project

The Radici project was born as a continuation of the small local wineries promotion work that I started in Italy as a food and wine journalist.

After moving to Ireland in November 2021 I started thinking about how to adapt this “Mission” of promoting Italian Wine to this new (for me) country: this is how Radici was born and how it became a communication and events company to promote Italian wines in Ireland, both those already present in the Irish market and companies that are not yet present but would like to be distributed in Ireland. 

Although it has been for several years that this project was in my mind, only in recent months has it reached its final form, with clearly defined goals. 

When talking about Italy it is necessary to think about a series of micro territories that produce dozens of food and wine products unknown or little known abroad: Communicating these treasures and making them known to more and more people is the main objective of Radici.

Radici deals with promoting wines produced in less known Italy and Italian indigenous varieties both with the creation of thematic content online, where it is present with website and blog and on the main social channels (Instagram and Facebook) both offline, with the organisation of Consumer and Trade Events, formats developed specifically to connect Italian wineries and figures in the wine industry in Ireland such as Buyers, Importers, Restaurateurs and Food and Wine Press. 

Thanks to events aimed at consumers, the product will be presented to as many people as possible, which will then be translated into buyers. Thanks to Trade Events, Business Dinner will be presented in a new way, making the protagonists of a Business Meeting the conviviality and tradition of the Italian Table, expressing the best Italian wine culture and the characteristics of the products presented during the evening with an accurate and targeted to sale storytelling.

The purchase of the product by both the consumers and the trade is therefore the final objective of the organization of these events. It is specified that the role of Radici is exclusively to organise the events in question, acting as a link between Italian companies, consumers, buyers and Irish importers; but also to advertise Italian companies through social channels and the blog. The sales that will be consequence of the events will be managed independently by the company, as well as any agreements with buyers and importers.

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